Problem with bulk duplicating documents in another language

Hello community,

I have a long list of documents that I want to copy over to other locales. I have 6 total locales, and about 50 documents... which is a lot of boring manual work. I'm following this guide to try and bulk duplicate documents into other languages, but I run into two issues:

  1. "The document already exists for this lang within the group"

  2. "Unable to locate or analyze image" - even though when I search the url in my browser, I do find it.

By deleting the document in the target language, I can solve 1. Though I shouldn't have to do that, according to the guide.

Does anyone have a solution for this?

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Hey Sam, Welcome to the community forum!

If you're following the guide step by step then, at first glance, I'm not sure what the problem could be.

We can try and solve this together, you can send me in a private dm the URL of your repository and the zip file with the imported documents. That way I can reproduce the error on my side :star2:

Hey @Paulina :wave:

@sam1 and I work together and were looking at this yesterday. I can DM you with those now.

Hi @Paulina – have you received the files that my colleague @sean has sent you? :slight_smile: