Publishing content for users in China

Hello, we would like to provide content from our Prismic based site to our customers in China, so we are looking for ways on how to do this. We would use nuxt + js on front, with a CDN provider, and we need the tech stack or some kind of documentation to provide to the CDN so we can get passed the firewall. Is there any official documentation available for this purpose?

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In fact there isn't much we can do in this regard, we have heard from some of our clients in China the there is a legal procedure request that you can apply there to have a permit.

Note: I've sent you Private message with a hint the a client shared with us.

Please let us know if you have any more questions,

Thank you for the quick reply and the comment. Could you please provide me with the link to some official documentation that is available for compliance? I think that is all we need to go through that route. The document should resemble something you would send to a corporation looking to use your platform for its intranet, and now looking on the tech stack for security / auditing and other compliance. Is that available? Best regards

I will check with the concerned team and get back to you.

Hi Aleksandar,

I have reached out to our concerned team, and It seems that the info that I shared in a direct message is all the info that we have for the moment

I will let you know if we get any extra info.

Hi Aleksandar,

This is all the information we have regarding our users China; you can Flag to open this issue if you have any new input.