Random 403 error from Prismic API on page load


We're getting reports that some people see a blank page when they go to PayFit.com which seems to be linked to the Prismic API, returning a 403 error (see attached screenshot).

We're using the gatsby-source-prismic plugin if that helps.

Could you please look into it?

Thank you,

Hey, are you still experiencing this problem on your side?
The URL that you shared in the screenshot works for me:

No, this is a random error happening pretty rarely, but we've had several reports now, from different people.

Ok, I see

If you encounter any other issues or need help with anything else let me know.

So you're not going to help with this? :sweat_smile:

Hey @nicolas.spehler, Sorry about that, I misread your last response.

We just took a closer look at your page, and a colleague could find the 403 error.

Because your site is built with Gatsby and it's statically generated, it shouldn’t be making any requests to the API. This makes us think it’s something to do with the toolbar, which makes queries to the API to use them in the preview mode. Therefore it’s the only thing that could be making requests.

Could you tell me if the people who are seeing this same issue are Prismic users, i.e., people on your team?

Maybe it’s someone with another prismic expired cookie visiting the site that isn’t valid, or maybe the person logged out, and it was still cached. I don’t think non-prismic users are seeing this issue, I think it’s maybe a preview cookie conflict in your Gatsby app.

Let me know


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