Return metadata for Link Media

I am trying to fetch the alt text from an image located on media, but this seems to be impossible. I also tried with GraphQL but the field does not exist.
How can I fetch the metadata for linked media items? If I can't fetch it, what is the purpose of those fields in media?

Hello @jose.varela, welcome to the Community!

It's true; you can't retrieve the alt or copyright values of the media item. I'm not exactly clear why this isn't a possibility. The workaround is to use an Image field instead; this way, you can get all the missing values of the item.

I'll also mark this as a feature request.

Thank you for attending my request.
The alt retrieved in Image field is from the document and not on the media item.
This is very important for us because of the SEO.

Can I track the progress of feature anywhere?
Also, can I do anything to make it faster? I usually contribute for open source, so feel free if you need any help.

Thank you

Thank you for sharing your use case with us.

I've added a ticket to the issue tracker. There is no ETA to develop functionality, but we'll update this same thread whenever there's any news about this case.

This is being tracked as an open feature request.

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