"Save to Filesystem" button missing in Slice Machine

I am trying to follow your video tutorials but the layout is not reflecting what I am seeing on my screen.

For instance, I am not seeing the sections Non-repeatable Zone and Repeatable Zone on my Slice Machine.

Most critically, I have created my Page Type and added fields but do not see the "Save to File System button on the top right to send my work.

Do I need to update something? The versions I am using are all using your set up from "Create New Repository".

If the videos are outdated, is there a simple webpage documentation that reflects this layout?

Please help as this is very confusing.

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When reporting bugs, we recommend you do a recording of your issue with the Jam Chrome plugin:

This will give us lots of dev information to help debug your issue. You can remove it once you're done :slight_smile:

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