Selecting items from other document inside slice

Hi, I have created a custom type for videos to enrich the video with data (cover, featured, client name, category...)

Then I have created a new document with the custom type and added the videos.

And now my question, is it possible to use the content of that document(videolist) inside another document->slice and the editor can choose which videos should be display there?

So there is the homepage and one slice is featured work, one option could be that only videos with the attribute featured:true will be displayed or the editor can select them manually.

Is that possible with prismic?


Hello @gregorvoinov

Thanks for reaching out to us.

I'm taking this over as Fares is off this week.

You can limit the options that will appear with the Content Relationship. You can use tags for this. If you tag a video as "Featured" you can add that filter to the Content Relationship field in their slice to limit which videos appear. You need to use the "Query By tag" .


Hi, thank you for your reply :wink:

To get it right.
I can only set a tag for a document, not for the items of a document. Is that right?

So in your approach I have to create a separate document for each video instead of a repeatable group like I did before to have all videos in one document.

gregor :wink:

Hello @gregorvoinov

Yes, indeed, you can only set a tag for a document, not for the items of a document. You need to create a separate document for each video for this approach.

Let me know if you have any further questions.


ok this isn't the best option for me, because then I'm loosing the possibility to sort the items with drag and drop inside my repeatable group. But thank you for your reply.

@gregorvoinov I understand your point. Have you tried your given suggestion? Thanks.

You mean, have I already implemented my custom type "video-list" in a slice? No, I haven't done it yet, I'm still thinking about the best way to do it :wink: I'm using prisimic for the first time in a project. It's a really small onepager, so I thought perfect to test prisimic.

Hello, @gregorvoinov

Thanks for using Prismic. I hope your experience with Prismic goes well. As I mentioned above, the best way is to use tags for this. Give this a try.