Shopify integration field error

Hi there is a huge problem with the shopify integration field. Products have been completely out of sync for some time. Additionally, I am getting this type of error:

Following the instructions, I created a new integration field. From now on, in all places where I could add products, I see empty values:

The product selection panel seems to be working properly. I can already see all the products in it:

I see completely different errors in the integration options:


Restoring old integration keys doesn't fix the product fields. Only the additional error in the product selection field returns

Please help :pray:

Hi Karol,

Welcome to the community!

I talked with the team and this may be a rate limit from Shopify. Anyway, I've created an issue with them and we'll investigate further. Can you send me the name of your repo and your link used for the Shopify integration?

You can send me a private message be clicking my name.


Hi @karol,

Just a quick update. We've identified the issue and are working on it.


This should be fixed if you click refresh next to your catalog.

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