Sitemap issues with single type pages that are not used

Hei :v:
I have an issue with website’s sitemap. I can see indexed pages that are not existing in my repository in Prismic.
Repo is duplicated from other project and these pages were existing before. But now they are deleted (not archived).
When I navigate to the url from sitemap (to the pages that is not existing in my repo) I get status 200. Not 404.
What could be a problem here? Are these pages somehow cashed?
Grateful for your help :pray:

Hello @smartproxy, could you show us a screenshot of the sitemap? is this component's content managed in your Prismic documents?

I marked here just some urls for pages that are not created/publiched/archived in my Prismic repo. In my Custom types folder I can see that these types has 0 documents. Also, all of these urls are single type.
And yes, all of these pages content is managed in Prismic.

So if these documents do not exist in your repository, could it be that they were hardcoded in your project? Do you have access to the code base?

They are not hardcoded, but there are page's index file with query. Does it means, that pages will be shown in sitemap regardless if they have any content created in Prismic?

I meant to say that, if the documents don't exist in the repository, the URLs must come from somewhere else. Maybe there's a list of given paths that generated those extra routes. Do you have access to modify the documents in your repository? which ones are generating each page?