Slice machine custom screenshots not updating

Thank you Phil, have a nice day :slight_smile:

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You too, thank you for your understanding.

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So I talked with the Slice Machine team and they're aware of this issue. It's because of how the images are stored in the imgix cache, they have the solution & hopefully it'll be fixed soon.

Do you mind if I make this thread public so other users can find this information?

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Sure, you can turn it public, no problem.
Did they tell you when, approximately, they're planning to have this bug fixed?

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This is being tracked as an open feature request.

If you have another use-case for this feature, you can 'Flag' this topic to reopen. Please use the :heart: button to show your support for the feature and check out our Feature Request Guidelines.

Hey ! Any news on this ?

Hi @optimate & @lejardindesfunambule ,

Sorry for my lack of communication on this. I believe this was updated. Can you try updating to the latest version of the slice-machine-ui and testing by recreating a new screenshot?


Hi !
I made a new try with the last version of slice-machine-ui (V.0.0.44) and it seems that it is still not working.

OK, I'll look into this with the team and get back to you.

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@lejardindesfunambule Can you try renaming the Slice or creating a new similar one to see if the new image is generated?

When I create a new one Slice or if I rename it, yes the new image is generated.
It just seem impossible to update the image once the Slice is pushed to Prismic.

Is that on newly created Slices too or just on this one older Slice? I believe the issue at the time was the encoding of the preview images.

On both ! I try to create a new Slice form scratch, but from the moment I push it to Prismic, it is impossible to update the preview image (with screenshot functionnality as well as custom preview img).
By the way, will it be possible to rename/delete Slice via prismic-cli in the futur ?

OK, I'll pass this to the team to try and debug. Can you send me the URL of your repo?

Yes the team has planned to work in the current sprint to enabled deletions and updates etc.

Although for now you can use the Custom Types API to perform those actions:

This postman collection might help with testing that API:

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Here is my repo :

Thanks for the doc, I will look into it.

Thanks I've passed this to the team.

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So for the error with updating the images from within the Slice Builder UI, Hugo thought he had included the fix in slice-machine-ui 0.0.44, he will push this fix with 0.0.45 in a couple of hours (After lunch :hamburger: :joy:).

@juskeviciusarn You tried to upload the new Slice from the Slice Builder or using the Custom Types API?