Slices and properties disappeared


Some days ago I've created some slices and they were saved for 10000000%. Today I am opening Prismic and I don't see them anymore.
Furthermore, some properties were also gone on other slices (which were added even earlier).
Any idea what has happened? How do I recover my latest slices... very much looks like a bug.

Hi, @damianb,

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I will try to investigate this with you, to do so can you please share with me (in a private message if necessary) your repository name.

Also, it would be great if you can give me some links/ information about the suspected slices.

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Hi all,

I've shared details in priv, but for the transparency sake I will post also an update on my findings in case if someone is looking for what caused this issue:

The issue occurred when one person changes slices and another has prismic UI open as well, but he/she does not refresh the page before applying changes to the slices. Even if the 1st person added stuff, and pressed save - slices are overwritten to the last known state of the 2nd person.

Prismic does not inform about the newer versions of the file being available, to re-consider save it just blindly trashes them. this required re-adding of all the properties between the saves of the two people...

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Hi Damian, thanks for sharing your use case.

There are two ways to create and edit slices:

The first is from the Prismic UI; from here, you can create individual slices for each Custom Type. It is only possible to edit these slices from the repository UI.

The second option is from Slice Machine. From here, you can create slices that you can later reuse among all your Custom Types. The changes sync from Slice Machine to the repository.

We are interested in knowing exactly what elements were being edited when the changes were deleted. Could you help us describe the workflow you carried out to find this error step by step?

These steps can help us reproduce the error from our side.


Hello @damianb.

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So in this workflow 2 people are using Prismic UI to manage slices. When one person does the changes and another one is working in parallel they will be overwriting each-other changes without even knowing about it. There should be a way to inform the person applying the changes that someone already made changes and he/she is not using the latest version of the json, or Prismic should be able to merge changes from the two people editing it.

Thanks for the additional information. Since this is not currently possible, I am going to mark your post as a feature request so I can take it into account for future implementations.
We are sorry for the inconvenience.

To be honest this should be viewed more as a bug rather than a feature request :slight_smile:

That is understandable.
Thanks for your feedback.

This is being tracked as an open feature request.

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