Slices improvements for the editor

1. Re-Order Slices
It would be great if you could re-order the slices in Custom Types editor. I have found that when modelling data one orders them in one way but when using the editor you reach for certain slices more frequently than others. Being able to re-order would help with the ergonomics of the editor.

2.Re-usable Custom elements
My content has a notion of “Cards” that are used throughout the experience in different ways. It would be ideal if they could be composed once and then drag and dropped onto the editor into fixed or repeatable zones. For example I use the cards in a grid and in a carousel.

I appreciate that I can use the save slice feature to speed up composing the editor but being able to have agnostic layout slices to use with custom elements would be great.

3. Nested repeatable elements
Say I have a Card component composed of an image, title, description and links. I want to be able to add a grid of cards so I create a repeatable zone. However I also want the links to also be repeatable as I don’t know how many I will need.

4. Mixed repeatable areas
The ability to add different content fields to repeatable areas would help reduce the number of slices or boolean controls needed to be created to give editors flexibility.

For example my design has a grid layout that has two grid regions set at to 50% of the viewport Those regions can have either text, image, card or a product in them. The grid regions order can also be flipped to create variation.

This would also help solve other layout issues like being able to space groups of content differently on pages.

Thank you

Hello Thomas, thank you very much for the feedback.

For the Re-Order Slices, there’s case, a workaround you can do with JSON editor in the Custom type builder. In there you can modify the order of the slices in the UI. Also, i f you do this i recommend you to back up the entire JSON so if you get an error you can easily go back to the older version.

For the other cases, i’ll make sure to notify the Product/UX team.

Thank you!

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Thank you for the tip.

Let me know if I can provide any more information.

Hey @thomas ,

Some intriguing ideas there, thanks for taking the time to tell us how you’d like to see our product work :grinning:.

We don’t currently have plans for all of the ideas you have submitted, but we are working on a Feature that might be connected to your 4th idea: Mixed repeatable areas.

To better design this feature, we would like to propose you a 30 min video call at a time convenient for you, to better understand your use case and present you some early designs in order to get your feedback. Would you be up for that?

Let me know!

Apologies I completely missed this message. I realise this is some time ago now but I can be free if still relevant!