[Slices] website consuming multi-repos


We are building a website which have to consume multi Prismic repositories. And we only know which repo will be consumed after build time as it is based on a user selection on the client side.

We wanted to use Slices in order to give the ability to content management teams to organize content pages.

My question is, as the sm.json config only accepts a single repo endpoint. Is it possible to use Slices with multi-repo architecture? If yes, how? :slight_smile:

Btw, the app is built with Nuxt but we cannot use the nuxt/prismic module as it does not work with multi-repo either way.

Thanks in advance.


Hello @adel.ben.massaoud

Hi @telco.pls. This i's not possible at the minute, but is tracked as a feature request.

Env variables and Slice Machine have previously been discussed here:

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