Splitting fetch links

I'm trying to be able to split my fetch link calls in half however I couldn't find anything in the documentation for this to be possible. Ideally, I'm trying to improve performace where I can fetch the content I need before the fold, and then after that has been rendered immediately call the rest. Is there anyway to do that? Example of the current call below:

fetch(`.. /api/v2/documents/search?ref=X3YpEBIAAJS-5u0Z&access_token=[token]&q=%5B%5Bat(my.homepage.uid,%20%22home%22)%5D%5D&lang=en-us&fetchLinks=%20home_page_hero.hero_image_mobile,home_page_hero.hero_image_desktop,home_page_hero.hero_background_color,home_page_hero.hero_heading,home_page_hero.hero_sub_heading,home_page_hero.cta_button_label,home_page_hero.cta_button_link,product.shopify_product_id,product.product_name,product.product_tagline,product.product_images,product.shopify_product,customer_stories.customer_story_photo,customer_stories.youtube_customer_video_url,customer_stories.page_title,customer_stories.story_category`);

Hey Kevin, we don't yet have a dedicated section of documentation about this topic, but there are definitely certain paths you can take to better the score of your app e.g., if you're using react, I'd recommend you to implement Lazy loading which allows you to only render the components that you need and Code splitting which helps you reduce the bundle of your app.

These are known tools to improve speed and performance when developing your application, and of course, the solutions will variate depending on the technology that you are using. Which one are you using?

Using ember and the api

I found these resources online that you might found helpful:

Also, check out the Emberjs performance category in their forum

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