Sport Club web application integrated with Polish System

Hey guys i would like to show you my last education work! I have created a webapplication which is working with polish fotball club manager system, and prismic. It was the biggest project i have done. When you get inside the page, you will see the modal information which is telling you "This is website inspirated of xxx page, you are able to check differences between this two pages and check how gatsby is strong. The application is created only for education purpurose, and i am not getting any money from the icons from the site". (the page at the main domain is in the work :slight_smile: it is my second side project, which i will try to sell)

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Hey Adrian,

This is awesome!

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Hey, there is a small update! The project is right now a open source, you are able to check it out if you want! GitHub - newadbie/PTU-Gatsby-Project

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