Tag with ampersand seems to break things when filtering by tag


I'm running into an issue where a client wants to add the tag 'Film & TV' to some of their documents. They've managed to add the tag fine, and it's displaying correctly on the frontend of the website too. However when trying to filter by tags in the dashboard, the tag renders as 'Film & TV' and no results are returned. Is there an easy fix for this? I guess it's just an encoding issue within the dashboard itself.


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Hello, @kieranstartup thanks for letting us know about this. I've tested this and was able to reproduce the issue on my end, the problem is comming from the Ampersand symbol in the tag.

I'm adding this to the dev team backlog. They'll review it as soon as they can. In the meantime what you can do to solve this now is to change the tag for a new one, perhaps just 'Film and TV', you'll have to go over all the docs that had the old was and replace it.


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