The content of my blogpost doesn't show up


I have an issue with one of a blogpost of our website. You can find the link of the blogpost here. As you can see when you click on the link they redirect to a 404 like the content or the page doesn't existe. I checked on prismic side, the page is real and published. When i inspect the network i can see that the link receive a 200 response and then an error related to :

Do you have any ideas what's going on here please?


Hi Xay,

Welcome to the Prismic community,

Have you tried to query your data using the API browser? are you getting the data?

And in order for me to be able to troubleshoot this I would need an access to your code.

Also can you tell us what is the technology you are using?

Looking forward to your reply,

Hi Fares,

Yes so basically if you go to every article has a custom type repeatable, so it's always the same type of blogpost that we used to post something in our Blog. If you go to other post the page is reachable so yes the data are is render by the API.

The custom type is pretty easy and straight forward, it's a richText Field who render in the page.
Does it help to clarify ?


This issue seems from your end, more precisely from the way you display the data because the data has been fetched as you can see here

I can help you debug this issue but I would need at least a code snippet of the way you template the data.


yes the data has been fetched, but why on this page the page is showing correctly? It's exactly the same type of page same code to render, that's why i'm a bit lost on that.


I'm not sure as well but, it can be related to some special characters in your content that is breaking the page code silently.

In fact you need to debug your code and add some logs to know where it is breaking.


I checked on my side and they is only text and link so no special characters. DO you have any other ideas?

In fact I would be very hard to figure out the issue without having a look at the code, can you share with us the code so that we debug it for you?

Hi Xay,

Just to let you know that I didn't a private message about your code snippet, have you sent any? or you have managed to resolve this issue?

Hello Fares,

sorry no i didn't find the time to send you that yet.

I will try to do something this week, I will let you know.

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