Unable to edit large document. Editor stalls for several minutes until browser times out

Large documents are causing the editor to stall and the browser eventually times out.

I don't know how to post an URL in this so that it is only visible to staff.

Hello @shox.cms.content, thanks for reaching out!
You can send the URL directly to us, in a dm.


Hey @shox.cms.content. Are you still having issues with the dashboard?
We're not able to reproduce the error on our end.

What do you mean you're not able to reproduce the error?
Have you tried opening and editing the document I sent a link to? Because I can't...


Yes, Can you tell us which type of Custom type is this document using?
This will help us make a query to identify the document alone in either GraphiQL or the REST browser.

I'm not sure I understand the "type" here. The custom type on our end is called "new_magazine".

But the issue here is not with the custom type. It has a repeatable block in there which is repeated many many times... and that's causing the editor to not even load.

I see. Can you please send me a screenshot of the document before you open it? A view of the document list. I can't see the document in your repository because repositories are private.

I needed the Custom type to query the document by ID. I couldn't find it, the ID has changed, and it's no longer: YgEzhhEAACkAXa_9/.

I sent you a DM with the links. The ID hasn't changed, that's the one I get if I want to open the document.

Ok. Can you tell me what's the UID of the document?

I'm unable to open the document, so that link to the document is the only thing I can provide straight away...


I just received your message with the UID of the document. I can confirm that the document isn't loading properly. I've sent this information to the relevant team. As soon as I have news about this issue I'll let you know.

Sorry for the inconvenience.