Updated document uid still returning data for the original uid

I am querying by document id and am trying to migrate some urls with redirects. I don't have any issues with that except that for existing documents my uid query is still returning the old page even though I have changed the document uid. I see that the slug attribute is deprecated in the documentation, but I am still seeing it in my v2 requests and am wondering if that is the cause of the document still returning even after I update the uid. I don't see a way to remove or edit the slug in the UI. Please let me know if that is the issue or if there is any way to update the slug either via the UI or programatically.

query.custom_page_:  OLDUID
  id: 'IDHERE',
  uid: 'NEWUIDHERE',
  type: 'custom_page',
  href: '',
  tags: [],
  first_publication_date: '2020-09-08T21:05:47+0000',
  last_publication_date: '2021-01-06T09:26:19+0000',
  slugs: [ 'ORIGINAL UID HERE' ],
  linked_documents: [],
  lang: 'en-us',
  alternate_languages: [],
  data: {

Hello Eli,

Welcome to the Prismic community and thanks for reaching out to us.

We have discussed it in this thread:

Please find detail about slugs in this article:

Let me know if you have any other doubt.


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