Updating/Replacing a media file

If I add a PDF to the site for example "menu.pdf". I can reference it from multiple custom content types. If my menu changes is possible to overwrite "menu.pdf" (with the same file name) and then all the referencing types get the new file?

If not is it possible when viewing a media item could you add a count to see how many times it has been referenced? That way you know you have updated all the references you need to.

Giving it some thought I suppose you would create a Document custom type. Reference that from multiple places. Then update the custom type for it to be picked up everywhere…

Hi @stephenhendry, as you’ve probably discovered by this point, there is unfortunately no way to replace a media item in the Media Library and have it update everywhere. And you also can’t view everywhere a media item is referenced, sorry.

If you think you’ll be referencing your documents in many places and will likely be changing the documents over time, then your idea of making a Document Custom Type is great! That should work perfectly for your case.

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Setup time will be slightly longer however it gives more flexibility. I can add additional fields on the custom type then create different slices depending on what I want to display. It’s the “right” way to do it just not the quick way :joy:

This is being tracked as an open feature request.

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