`Where` filter returning `Internal server error` on select value

I set up a select as a where filter. It shows up in the query schema and doesn't contain an underscore, however, when I use it I receive a very vague Internal server error. Is there something wrong with this query or might it be a bug with the where filter in gql?

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Well, an error of "Internal server error" is certainly an error message that needs to be improved and I will try to investigate this issue with you.

Can you please provide us with the name of your repository (in a private message if necessary) as well as the full query you are doing?

Looking forward to your reply,

I've got your private message and I thank you for the extra info and happy to hear that the problem is solved at least for now.

Can you please reach out to me again if you get the same issue again, In fact, I've looked in our issue tracker and I didn't find an issue related to a delayed response in GraphQL

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