Write API - Save data to Prismic from your appc

Hello @charles.dedreuille,

First of all, thank you for taking the time to give us feedback and share your use case.

There are certainly a lot of cases for a write API and I know that I won’t be able to address all of them in a single thread or response. Your own case is a very good example of how it could be used and I understand how painful it can be to build a comment system or feedback system for users. That being said, it is not currently on our roadmap and it is unlikely to be something that we will develop for the foreseeable future.

We feel that having Comments, Feedback, and Ratings at the same level as Blog posts, or Landing Pages will be confusing. These are different types of content that have different needs and different workflows that need to be maintained. There is only a small chance that you will have to update this content, schedule it in a release, or even preview it. At the moment, the main focus of the writing room is to provide tools that will help marketing and editorial teams to collaborate on creating rich content. And the features that I described earlier are meant to do that.

The type of content that you’re describing (comments, rating) doesn’t have the same lifecycle, the same needs. By default, they have to be attached to another document or a page and if we treat them like any other piece of content it could cause a lot of issues in terms of UX as it would become hard to browse a writing room full of comments. In addition, we fear it could even cause issues at the API level.

At the moment, we think that it’s good that this type of content lives in a different database and in a separate system that can offer their own management tooling to moderate or respond to comments.

That doesn’t mean that we don’t understand your frustrations, but we are, unfortunately, put in a position where no product decision can be taken independently of other needs and our overall vision for Prismic.

What we want from our user experience means that we can’t address your particular use case at the moment with a write API, but you’re not the first person to need comments and there are some solutions that our Education Team recommend. If you haven’t already, it would be worth your time to have a look at this article on how to add a comments section using DISQUS.

We’re always looking to find ways to address the needs of our users and we actually hope that this forum will help us to provide the best solutions for problems and use cases that we can’t immediately solve with new features or product updates.

To get back into the general write API subject
We have had a lot of requests to have a write API to build connections with external catalogs and we’re now offering a feature called Integration Fields that is meant specifically for this purpose.

Another use case that is often presented is for a Write API to make migration more straightforward; this is something that we are considering and that we might work on in the upcoming months, but, as of now, we can’t make any promises regarding that. We are still looking at the different uses cases to provide a specific answer to each particular problem. For now, you can work around that by using our Import / Export feature that will let you upload multiple documents into prismic.

I hope that you will appreciate that we take all of our user feedback on board and that it plays an important part in our product roadmap - even when we cannot immediately or directly address it.

I will let you know if we begin any work on this subject and I will be certain to reach out to ask for your feedback and input. Do let us know if the DISQUS solution addresses some of your needs and if it works well for you.

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