"You aren’t allowed to stage this release" error

Hey all,

My client is getting this error trying to stage a release. If somebody can please help me understand what the issue is it'd be appreciated!



Hello Ben, welcome to the forum!

What kind of issue is your client getting, can you provide us with more details, screenshots, log errors, URL of your repository, etc..

Thanks Paulina, the error is what I mentioned in the subject of the thread - They have 3 articles they're trying to release at once, and when they use the 'Publish at a specific date and time' function they see "You aren't allowed to stage this release", and then the error in the attached screenshot.

Thank you for sharing this with us. Could you send me the url of you repository in a private message? we have a fix for this issue :smiley:

Thank you for the info, can you check again? it should work properly now

This issue has been closed as it has been fixed, Flag if it is not the case for you to reopen.