returning isAuthenticated: false and isGuest: true even if logged in

Here's the full response (repo name is hidden)


We've already try clearing the cache and cookies; cross-site tracking prevention is not on, so there should be no issues with the cookies.

Cookies in headers looks alright. Here they are (values are hidden for security reasons).

Screen Shot 2022-04-15 at 18.46.34

Any hints on what the problem could be? My guess is that the endpoint is not behaving as expected.

I'll share the full details on private if needed.


Sorry, I assumed this was an issue that did my preview don't work in Nuxt.

The problem originated when I updated the @nuxtjs/prismic module from v1.2.4 to v1.4.2.

Downgrading the module to v1.2.4 fixed my issue.