403 error returned immediately after planned release

I have the following operation in Prismic and am having trouble.

  1. create and publish multiple articles in planned
  2. save masterRef to DB at the time of build
  3. retrieving paid articles from clients, and when searching, relaying backend to retrieve Prismic data (using the saved masterRef in that case)

However, the following problems occur immediately after the release of planned.

  • API returns 403 error
  • It will be fixed after 10 to 15 minutes without doing anything

Is there any way to solve this problem?

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Hello @fujita, thanks for joining the community!

We hadn’t seen similar errors lately. It'll be helpful if we could know a bit more about your use case:

  • Are you able to see the documents after publishing a release?
  • Why did you need the master ref when updating documents in a release? Please note that each release has its ref The Rest API Browser - Documentation - Prismic
  • Could you send us a screen-recording or the error, if possible?
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Hello @Pau!
Thanks for the reply.

We understand. It may take some time, but we will compile some more details about our use and error situation.