404 error with my Prismic CDN

I googled and found a topic that it's about preview session.
Before today, I just go back to Prismic and press preview and it will work again.
But now it doesn't work, all pages 404.

The topic I found recommend to clear the cookie, but it's annoying. Clear cookie affect a lot of my logged in websites, it should be solve in other ways. If I use Prismic everyday, I have to clear my cookie everyday, really annoying...

Do we have other solution?

Hello @taker.wu,

Thanks for reaching out to us.

I understand your concern, but you can clear only one cookie(io.prismic.preview) without touching your browser's other cookies(where you are logged in or so).

Here is the process for clearing the "io.prismic.preview" cookie from google chrome:

On your website, open Dev Tools(right-click on the page and click on inspect), then in Dev tools, go to the "Application" tab and click "Cookies" in the side menu. Click on the domain ( your production domain), and scroll to find any domains that include io.prismic.preview. Delete all of those.

Finally, refresh everything and try opening a preview from the writing room again.

Currently, we recommend this solution to clearing cookies when "Preview" fails to work again.

Let me know if you have any other doubts.


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