API down for days on one repo, cloudfront or CORS issue?

API access to one of 2 of my repos has been down for at least a week.

No code changes. Graphql gatsby builds work, but not API v2 client requests.

Here's an example failing url that the client is hitting:

Chrome is alerting no CORS header
No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource.

and in the failed response
x-cache: Error from cloudfront

Hello @matt2

Welocme to the Prismic Forum.

I can see the API is working fine now in chrome browser. Can you try again?


I see that it started working again. Did someone do something?

However, now the other repo is failing in the same way


What is going on?

Hello Matt,

Nothing has changed from our side, but I see It's working well with the other repo. I can see the API.

I am not sure what is happening so I am going to share this with my team.



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