API response not updating, after publishing updated content

Hi Phil,

Can you have another look at this , as it keeps on happening even when I add an access token , or can you tell what I need to do in order to avoid this problem.The content is updating in the API browser but not on the website, which is pretty critical !



Hi Paul,

It sounds like maybe you've got a cache in your project. What technology are you using to build your web app?


Hi Phil,

This is using Svelte/Sapper , it's blog and the odd thing is that on the index page a new addition will not be listed until you click on an existing post to view the post and then go back to the index page and then the new one will show .


Hmm strange, it might be your are passing the master ref, which is valid until content changes, then this is not being updated in your application to receive the most up to date content.

You can see how Levi implemented this in his sample project:

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