API Timeouts. Cannot build app

Hi there,

As of today I can no longer build my web app due to timeout errors retrieving content from Prismic. Screenshot attached.

We've just begun uploading a series of high resolution images, as well as adding content, and now it seems to have brought the whole thing to a halt. I can no longer build and develop the app locally.

However, Vercel seems to have no problem building a production version of the site and deploying. The timeout errors only occur locally.

We've upgraded our account from the free plan to the Starter plan.

I am completely stuck and I'm panicking because there's a meeting tomorrow to present the company's new website, and I urgently need to develop the app further.

Please help! Many thanks,


Hi Chris,

Welcome to the community!

I'll be happy to help you debug this. Are you still seeing this issue?

I'm not really sure what the issue could be, I'll need more info.

Are you using next image or something?
Can you query these documents in your API browser?
Can you provide me with an example query that's failing?


Hi Phil,

Thank you very much for your swift reply.

As soon as you mentioned next/image, I immediately withdrew every use of next/image in the codebase and suddenly the app is flying.

Will explore further at a later stage but for now I'm unblocked and able to continue.

Many thanks again.


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