Are there any plans to make the dotnet client use v2 of the API?

I had problems reading Prismic data through dotnet code until I stumbled upon an answer that only v1 of the API was supported.
I changed my code to v1 and it worked.

It makes me hesitate though as I don't know for how long v1 will be supported and v2 has been out for a while, hasn't it?

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I have the same problem using API v2 with Java.
It looks like the Document object is created, but none of the document fields are accessible, just some slugs, uid and id.

How long until API v1 will become obsolete?

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Hi @Selfelected & @robert-stefan.gurau ,

Welcome to the community!

So first thing, we have no plans to ever turn off V1 of the API, it's at least something we've never discussed doing. So you can consider it pretty safe.

Secondly I would recommend using @benembery's kit, as it is being actively maintained.


I’ve looked at this previously and I think migrating to v2 would require a considerable rewrite to the kit.

I seem to remember that v2 API responses doesn't return the fragment type. The kit currently relies upon the type to indicate how it should transform the JSON to the fragment object in the kit.

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