Best practice for embedding hubspot form?

Is there a best practice implementation for embedding a hubspot form within a custom type/slice?

Hubspot provides a pair of scripts for embedding a form on your page, ex.

<script charset="utf-8" type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>
    region: "na1",
    portalId: "5555555",
    formId: "5555555-5555-5555-5555-555555555555"

Hello @ianboyte, you can create a custom code component in your Custom Types:

Hey @ianboyte, I've done this for many of my clients and the solution doesn't require injecting custom HTML. I'm quite busy right now, but I'll try to write and publish a tutorial over the coming days for you


I'm sure you have already solved your problem, but for everyone else that might come across this post in the future, I just published a blog post explaining of how you can set it up:

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Hi @kris, did you ever find time to write a tutorial for this? I'm working on a project that needs a Hubspot form slice and I'm running into issues with having multiple forms on the same page.

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Hi @jennifer2, yes, I just posted it 1 hour ago (see my previous comment). Hope it helps!

@kris Perfect timing, thank you! I couldn't find a solution to using a custom target id, so multiple slices can be used on the same page, but everything else works great.

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@jennifer2 glad that it works - you could generate a unique random ID per slice and identify the DIV like this