"Cannot use import statement outside a module"

Hi, Prismic Support team!

I am implementing the Preview feature when content changes in Prismic.
So followed this instruction.

But I get a SyntaxError: Cannot use import statement outside a module

Please help me to solve this error.


Hi Yuri,

I'll be happy to debug this with you, can you show me:

  1. your _document.js file
  2. you package.json


Please look at this image.

Hi Yurri,

I'm guessing this is coming from the configuration of your project, maybe the linting or something, the following article explains how to fix it:

But essentially you'll need to import the file like this I guess:

<script type="module" src="next-slicezone/resolver"></script>

Let me know if this helps.


Well, then how can I use "createResolver" method there?


OK, it seems the workaround I suggested has made things worse.

What does your next.config.js file look like?


There is no importing 'createResolver' from the next-slicezone/resolver code in this instruction.
So I've removed it and I think it works well now.

Can you try updating your slicezone with

npm i next-slicezone@latest

and change your import back to

import { createResolver } from "next-slicezone/resolver";
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Yeah, it works as well!
Many thanks, Phil

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