CMS Response error

i’m querying a doc that i did generate for a specific content type. I did add a field named ‘image_test’ for testing images file mime types responses but once time that i did created and queried this field, it value is empty.

Then, i did erase ‘image_test’ field but it again returns in response CDN payload, i don’t understand why its persist. See response below:

DOC => {
** id: ‘…’,**
** uid: null,**
** type: ‘website_doc’,**
** href: ‘…’,**
** tags: ,**
** first_publication_date: ‘2020-07-07T16:50:58+0000’,**
** last_publication_date: ‘2020-07-07T17:05:19+0000’,**
** slugs: [ ‘products’ ],**
** linked_documents: ,**
** lang: ‘en-us’,**
** alternate_languages: [ { id: ‘XwSoAhEAACMAWq9O’, type: ‘website_doc’, lang: ‘es-co’ } ],**
** data: { products_link: [ [Object] ], image_test: { image_name: {} } }**

Any idea or reason for this behavior?

Hi @j11, can you tell me if you’re using the API v1 or v2? If you aren’t sure, can you tell me which Prismic library you’re using?

This is the expected behavior of the API v1. It’s one of the things that we changed with the API v2.

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