Content image section, using a background image

Hi there

I am building a page in Prismic and using the content image section. I am using a background image and then the text will overlay that. However, how do I get some background colour behind the text?

Basically to look like this

I am trying to achieve this using the inbuilt sections and not creating custom HTML as other people will be using this as a template to build own pages from.


Hi Helen,

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In our sample project's hero section, we do this like so using tailwind:

What tech stack and CSS styling system are you using?


Hi Phil

Thanks so much for your reply. Sadly the information on how to do this is a little above my coding knowledge. Our prismic was provided to us by JustGiving to use for charity work and sites. So I can;t answer the question, but if you can tell me where I need to look, I can see if can find out :)

In that case, none of this is handled within Prismic, it's handled in the project code so you'll need a developer to implement this for you.

Thanks Phil. I will see what I can use in the existing sections to get a decent look and get on to learning more about Prismic. Thanks for time

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