Content Relationship vs Slices

I'm going to model my data in Prismic. I have a series (about 20) and each series corresponds to one to multiple episodes (800 total). Each series will have a corresponding auto-generated page (via the series slug on the next.js page) to display the series information. It also displays a grid of episodes. How should I model these in terms of custom types, pages, and slices?

I'm thinking of creating custom types for series and episodes to manage their information and relationships. Then, I'll create a repeatable Series page type with a Hero and reusable Episode Carousel slices to render the information. I think I can drive the rendering of the individual series page with uid/slug. However, I have the following questions:

  • Assuming that I define the episodes as children of the series type, how do I inject the child episodes into the Episode Carousel slice while allowing the content team to move things around on the series page?
  • The same question applies to how to bind the series info into the Hero slice on the series page.

Hi @pisitch,

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It seems like you're on the right path with content relationships being your way to link your episode content in your series documents, but can you give me an example (maybe a screenshot or URL) of something like the finished project you'd like to create?

Also what do you mean by 'auto-generated page' ?

You can't define them as children in any automated sense. You have to manually select the linked episode documents on each series page. The content team can move them around in the same way.

Again, the same response, you have to manually add the Series info into your Hero Slice.