Content Relationships Typing Not Properly Working on the Nested Data


I'm currently experiencing an issue with typing the content relationships field. The properties within the "data" attribute of the linked document are not correctly typed.

Below is my type declaration:

type BlogPostCategoryDocumentWithRelation = Content.BlogPostCategoryDocument & {
  data: {
    popular_posts: {
      post: {
        data: Pick<Content.BlogPostDocument['data'], 'title' | 'preview_image'>;

The "popular_posts" is an array of "post" that has content relationships with the "blog_post" documents. When I attempt to access the "title" attribute of the “”, it displays "Property 'title' does not exist on type '{}'. I am new to TypeScript and would appreciate any guidance on what I could be doing incorrectly.

Thank you.

Hey Nash,

Could you take a look at this thread and tell me if it addresses your use case?