Cors Issue during XMLHttpRequests

Hi there, we've noticed an increase of 404s on published documents.

We get a CORS issue with XMLHttpRequest to the API URL from the regular site domain.

It doesn't happen all the time, but some docs that have not been re-published in a while.

Can Prismic make sure CORS access exists? What's the best best way to get you repo specifics?

Hello Ryan,

CORS issues are extensive and happen for a various number of reasons. We can try and debug this together; I'll need a little bit more context:

  • Which repo specific details are you referring to?
  • Can you give me more information about what technology your website is built in and how you're making your request?


is there a way for prismic to set the CORS to allow XMLHttpRequest from the domain so this is not a problem?

Hey Ryan, thank you for sending over the details. I'll share this with the team and I'll come back when I have more information.


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