Creating Search and SearchResults in Nuxt.js in SSG mode

The Prismic docs seem pretty light on this subject at least for Nuxt.

I found this example Search function for a / NuxtJS blog • VIARAMI but it only works for me in Dev mode.

When I go to generate the page I'm getting

ℹ Generating output directory: dist/                                             18:09:20
ℹ Generating pages with full static mode                                         18:09:21

 ERROR  Error generating route "/search": Page not found    

I'm assuming I need to somehow designate the search results page to fetch the data-client side so it doesn't have to generate a million different possibilities but I don't see how to do this.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi James,

I think you're right that you'll need to set up some sort of search data side. We don't have any docs regarding this as it's more of a Nuxt question than a Prismic one, but I'll reach out to the team for some insight.