Direct links to our blog posts are redirecting to our home page

The above link is a direct link to a specific blog post and 100% correct but when we try and go there directly, namely through promotions on social media it redirects to our site homepage.

Need help ASAP.

Hello James, welcome to the Community!

I'll be happy to help you debug this, first I'll need some info about your project:

  • Which technology is your site built with and how are you constructing your page routes?
  • What's the URL of your repository and the name of the Custom type and document that should appear instead of the homepage?
  • Can you show me an example of the query made for this specific page?


Thanks for replying.

  1. Next.js
  2. custom type: article document: 5 ways for small businesses to increase sales during COVID-19
  3. not sure what you mean...

Thanks for the information.

For number three, I meant to ask for the query made to your Prismic endpoint to get the Page document for that page. Are you the developer in the project?

If you do not have access to the code, you'll need to ask the developer in charge of your team. This is probably an issue related to the way routes are built and how the data is being retrieved and displayed.

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