Do I actually need the Prismic Preview Toolbar?


I love the idea of the Prismic Toolbar, but ever since I've worked with Prismic (~2 years), the toolbar has never really worked.

  • Shareable links don't work (it just redirects back to the unpreviewed page)
  • Redirecting back to the Prismic Doc doesn't work (it just redirects back to the website page)
  • Exiting Preview mode using the toolbar doesn't work (I have implemented my own logic to handle that)

So can I actually remove the script for the toolbar and still have everything work as expected?

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Hello Kris,

Thanks for posting this question to us.

I'd be happy to resolve the issue of Preview in your project. Could you please share with me the URL of your repo and either GitHub code or Zip file of your project?


Thanks @Priyanka

You can test the preview using and by going into the the-watch-collectors-club repo

The preview was implemented by following the Prismic docs Previews with Next.js - Prismic

Hello Kris,

I am sorry I couldn't come back to you. Are you still getting the same issue? I can not test the preview in the production app. Can you please share your Github source code so I can test it.


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