Documents order in query results


I have this question from Christophe Richard from Oceane Consulting who wants to know why this query results retrieve documents in a different order than the one passed in the parameters query.

Can you please help him?

Notre requête est passée via un appel de votre API en passant par une classe JAVA.
Voici la requête que nous envoyons :

GET {access_token=*** q=[[:d = at(document.type, "article")][:d = in(, ["WwbiiyoAACoAlXGg","WmBp7SkAALVG056M","WuHaxCkAAAWd6Ted","Wxksjx0AAKKI30CU","Wr3pmSYAACUAMMyW","WsOEGyYAACMASXvT","WsOEYyYAACUASX0Y","WnAxvioAAIvo9YeS","WnGKBB4AAL1cfU7e","Wr0ZLSYAACMALTUd","WmCerikAALBL1Ihl","Wr3qhCYAACYAMNC4","Wx-aYykAAJBg-4pp","WmCmMykAAK5L1Km5","WnBFsB4AAF0Cd7Fh","Wr0Y2SYAACYALTOm","Wr3p2yYAACMAMM2_"])]] ref=YCOjtxIAACIARJyV pageSize=12 page=1}

La réponse renvoi la liste des documents mais pas dans l'ordre défini via la liste d'ID de documents passée en paramètre.
En faisant quelques tests, je me suis aperçu que si j'enlève les paramètres de pagination ("pageSize" et "page"), le résultat est bon. Il semble donc que les documents sont mal triés si l'on renseigne ces paramètres.

N.B. : Ce message est également dans le chatbot.

Hey Antoine,

The in predicate should indeed return the documents in the correct order, so I'm not sure why this is happening. I'm going to submit an issue ticket. I'll let you know what happens :slight_smile:


I recreated this issue on one of my own repos. I'll let you know what the dev team says.

Hey Sam,
Can you tell me when this issue will be patched ? Please

May we have more information about this issue.

Hi @crichard ,

Sorry for the delayed response. I know that the dev team is tracking this issue, but I'll sync with them to get more information and let you know what I find out.