Duplicate a project and install it for another client

I'm looking for info on how to create a project on GitHub that can be duplicated and installed for another client.

In the same way as the prismic Multi-language starter project.

Hey @micha,

It's cool that you're working on creating start projects!

A starter project is basically a normal functioning project. I think it should work fine if you create a Prismic project and delete the slicemachine.config.json file. Then use degit to download the project files and run npx @slicemachine/init to create a repostiory, configure Slice Machine, and push your models.

The one difference is that you won't be able to include documents. The official Prismic starters include special documents that have been generated for that purpose, but that is not a publicly-available feature. If you want to include documents, I would recommend checking out the Migration API. It should be possible to create your own documents folder and write a script to push the contents of that folder to the repository after you initialize it.

Let me know if you have any other questions, or if you run into any obstacles!


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