Error 500: Could not fetch remote custom types. You don't have access to the repo "***"

Yes please I could not move forward with my pending tasks all day because I am in Latam, and there is no support. And why does this happen to our repositories?

Hello everyone, we're taking a look at this error again.

@marketing10, @fernando.ferreyra, @franck.gautier

  • Can you please try and delete the .prismic file, log in and try again? If this doesn’t do anything, downgrade to V0.4.1
  • Can you send us the JSON of the Custom Types that aren’t working?

Thanks for your reply, the errors have been corrected a couple of hours ago. Without doing anything, it is back to normal.

For us this got resolved "by itself" about 4 hours ago. And our current version of slice-machine-ui is 0.3.8 (if that's the package your talking about). BUT the main "thing" was with our repository, we couldn't see slices in any document that uses one or many slices...

Thanks for the update @marketing10, @fernando.ferreyra.

Hello @Pau ! Same thing for me , content returned at around 1 p.m. But this issue seems to come back randomly and it doesn't make me confortable about Production flow & stability.
Can we have an explanation about this issue please ? Cause identified ? Why it happens ? Which actions will (or did) you take to solve it ?

Thank you

We understand your concern. I'll ask the team for some insight about this and come back when I have more information.

Hey @franck.gautier, The root cause of the issue has been identified. It’s related to an unexpected empty string as slice ID. Here's the PR that fixed the issue, it was a release in version 0.4.1

Thanks you for the feedback