Unable to save slice changes

Hey, Phil! Thanks for the tip about the pull command being deprecated.

I'm wondering if this is related to my team's inability to save slice changes now. I realize that our repositories didn't start off through SliceMachine, so I'm guessing it's possible there's some sort of incompatibility now.

Specifically for our repositories, we get the following message with a 500:

Something wrong happened while updating the custom type article

And we also have a failed request to https://silo2hqf53.execute-api.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/prod/customtypes for both repositories when we try to create new slices.

Would you mind taking a look at what's going on? Thank you!

Hey Stephen,

That sounds like exactly what's happening. I'll be happy to help you debug this. Are you saying you can't save changes in your custom types?

You most likely need to upgrade the CLI npm install --global prismic-cli@3.8.3-beta.0

Then copy your slice model to create a file along side your component like described in the documentation:

From there that will become your source of truth and you can push the slice model to Prismic from the Slice Builder:

Hey, Phil!

The errors I mentioned above happen when we try to update the slices through the Prismic interface, not the the CLI:

(Note the 'Unable to save...' button text in the top-right corner)

We still want the option of creating and updating slices through the Prismic interface going forward, but is this going to be an issue since we moved our repositories over to use SliceMachine?

Ah ok this I think is an issue from the migration. I'll bring it up with the team.

Thank you very much!

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Hi Phil,

Our team is still unable to update slices from the Prismic interface. Do you have any updates on this issue?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @stephen & @vivian,

I received an update from the team as to what this issue is. It's being caused for users on Slicemachine and paid plans with multiple users, related to authentication.

We are working on a fix and this will most likely be released at the beginning of next week.


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Thanks, Phil. Please let us know as soon as the bug is fixed or you have more information.

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Hi Team,

Just an update. We identified the problem when user roles are activated on Slicemachine repos (medium plan & above). We have created a fix which is ion staging and waiting for QA validation.


The fix for this has been deployed. Can everyone 'like' :heart: this post to confirm it works?

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