No longer able to save or publish content in Prismic

Hi all,

I'm having trouble with my account right now. It's a repo that I'm using for slice development that will then be pushed to another production repository in another account.

A couple of us are working in there, and as of an hour or two ago we suddenly became unable to reliably save or publish changes.

It seems I can save a new document, but then if I make changes it will fail to save. So say I add a new slice/content: I'll get the error "Error while saving your changes – Click to retry", if I retry it will often give me the conflict dialog with " Do you want your changes to override the existing draft?", overriding existing changes sometimes looks like it works, but then I still have unsaved changes. In the rare cases that I have been able to save anything, publishing will often fail as well.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

This seems to have something to do with custom slices built in slice machine. When some are enabled for a content type, it stops saving or publishing correctly. I checked the response in developer tools, and there is a 500 error being returned without any details.

After spending a day on this I've finally figured out that this happens if mocks pushed from slice machine have an element defined that isn't in the model. No errors are thrown on pushing them to Prismic, but then Prismic can't deal with the result, and apparently the case isn't being handled, so it results in a 500 when trying to save content.

Hey Jason, thanks for reaching out.

I'll share your case with the team so we can track this behaviour.
Is everything working properly now on your end?

Hi Paulina,

I'm now not 100% convinced that was the exact problem though it looked like it worked right off the bat with a couple slices that were causing problems, but making slice machine reformat models and mocks before pushing them back up to Prismic does seem to have done something for stability, and I can now save pages that use content types with all of my slices available, which was impossible before.

I'm still seeing one issue, but I'm not sure if it's related or not. Clicking publish always errors as if it is failing, but it seems that it is actually publishing, so not the end of the world.

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As of this morning we all get errors on any save or publish action. It seems like the actions are actually completing but it's very disconcerting. Is there someone that can look in logs or something to determine what the errors are? This is in my "evtestoo" repo that I'm using for testing.

Hello Jason, we just released a fix related to creating Slices and should be now available for all Slice Machine repository. Could you tell me if it's working for you now?

Thanks a lot

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