Can't save, publish or unpublished documents


I'm trying to save a document, but I'm getting an error ("Error while saving you changes - Click to retry"), but clicking again does nothing, and when I refresh the page, I see that everything was saved successfully. I'm facing the same thing for publishing and unpublishing as well.
After checking the console, I saw that your endpoints return 500 and sometimes 409.

The document used to be saved normally when the custom type was simple, but after adding more fields this error started.

The document UID is: X_LgSBIAANbEW270

Is somebody looking at this?

Hi Iiyas,

I'm looking in to this now.

Hi again Iiyas,

From doing some testing on my side I think there might be an error coming from the hint_box Slice.

Can you try deleting this a publishing to confirm?


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