We were unable to save your document

I have a layout document that when I try to edit it, I get the error seen below. I have attempted to save it using the legacy editor as well. This is also unsuccessful. I'm not sure why this document in particular won't save.

I'm hoping there's a Prismic person I can PM with the repo name.


I replied in a PM.

Any users seeing a similar issue can follow the progress of this bug here:

Ok... so rather than continuing to wait, I archived and deleted the Layout document hoping that would clear out the issue. I figured I would just rebuild the Layout document. After archiving and deleting, I set out and started recreating the layout document. Upon hitting save, it warned me that I could only have one instance of this single type. Now I'm stuck with no published layout document and the system thinks I still have one somewhere. Is there something I can do?

The site is now a hard 500 error.

I pulled an "emergency maneuver" here to keep the client's site from being 500 for long. I created a new custom type "Site Layout" rather than "Layout." I'd still like to see if it's possible to get that old custom type working again, even if I just end up deleting it. I don't want the "crud" building up in their Prismic repo.

Sorry to see this has been such a pain for you Neil.

The team is looking into this today and looking for a fix. Thank you for supplying your workaround.

I'll update you when I have more info.

Is there any update on this? I have the same problem and we need to put some time sensitive updates on our website so being able to save every page would be useful.

I was finally able to get into see the Atlassian status. Turns out something in my cookies was keeping me from getting in. In case anyone else has this issue of not being able to see your tickets or their status, clear your cookies.

I notice that the linked issue doesn't quite match what I'm experiencing. I acknowledge that it's possible my issue is similar to not being able to publish. In my case, I can't save the document.

Does it sound like this issue?

Since archiving and then deleting the document and trying again, it has changed some. I would not say the BT-81 matches my experience. Now, when I try to save a new Layout document, I get the following:


Thank you Neil,

This is a lot clearer. I've brought this to the team.

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Update for everyone following:

We plan to release a fix by the end of the day. :crossed_fingers:

Also, we will need to create a process for anyone with corrupted data.

We’ll keep you updated.

Thank you @Phil

I am looking forward to being able to turn this product over to the client and have the new page builder re-enabled.

The issue is now fixed in production. We're finishing deploying the fix on all clusters so it won't happen again, and then we'll execute a manual task on all broken repos to unblock them.

Hi @Phil
Again, thank you for the continued status updates. When you say live in production, does that mean I should be able to save the document at this point? Or does the added clause about deploying on all clusters mean that it's possible/likely the fix hasn't reached my cluster yet? I ask because I still receive the error when trying to save my layout document.

Correct, and we might need to run a task to unblock your repo, we'll confirm once it's deployed everywhere.

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Sorry to be a nag-o-potamus. I'd love to turn the project over to the client, but I don't want to turn it over with a locked document and the legacy editor. Having the client have to learn the legacy editor and then the page builder would be "bad customer service" on our part.

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Is this for the nickstowing repo? It should have been unblocked already

Here's what happens now when I try to create a Layout document and save it:



I'm looking into it deeper again for you, Neil, I am sorry that this has been complicated.

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