Troubleshooting Slice Machine

Thanks for installing Slice Machine and contributing to the development of this open source project.

Currently, Slice Machine is mostly in beta, with Slice Machine in alpha. So, you might encounter some issues.

Here are the most common issues and the solutions. This list is up-to-date as of January 12, 2021. Please feel free to suggest additions.

First: Check Your Versions

The current working versions are here:

Error: "[slices API]: Not Found"
Try: Changing Clusters

The first issue that you might run into is that your repo is not on a Slice Machine-enabled cluster in Prismic's backend. This should not happen with repos created through the Slice Machine CLI, but it can happen with others. Send us a request, and we'll add your repo to a Slice Machine cluster.

Error: "Forbidden"
Try: Reauthentication

This could be an issue with authentication. Try logging out and in:

prismic logout
prismic login
# enter credentials

If that doesn't work, make sure:

  • you are inside a SliceMachine project,
  • your sm.json file contains a valid "apiEndpoint" value,
  • you can access this repository from your dashboard.

Error: EOENT, File Not Found, or Preview issue
Try: Changing versions

These issues are likely because you're not on the right version of slice-machine-ui. Change to 0.0.42.

Error: 413
Try: Update slice-machine-ui

Error 413 was an issue with uploading preview images. We released a fix for it with slice-machine-ui 0.0.43.

Error: "Invalid Paths"
Try: Update slice-machine-ui

This was related to a typo in an earlier version of slice-machine-ui. Try updating slice-machine-ui.

Otherwise, you can try replacing list,o with list-item,o-list-item in your model, and see if that helps.

If all else fails

  • Reinstall the Prismic CLI
  • Reauthenticate (as above)
  • Check that your repo name is correct in your config file
  • Restart your project from scratch
  • Contact us with your error message and a zip file or GitHub repo containing your project files
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For this, you might also check that:

  • you are inside a SliceMachine project
  • your sm.json file contains a valid "apiEndpoint" value
  • you can access this repository from your dashboard

Thank you, @hugo.villain :slight_smile: I added your points.

@samlittlefair I found a couple of other little issues that we already have fixes for and we're just waiting to push.

The SESSION cookie expires quite often, so if someone tries to create a repo with --setup or theme and it doesn't get created, then they will need to log out and login again for it to work.

@marc.mcintosh Has a fix for this on his new branch of the CLI which will be released sometime in the future.

Slice Machine
It doesn't add lists correctly in the model, causing a push error. You'll have to replace list,o with list-item,o-list-item to push.

@hugo.villain made the fix, he'll push next week.

Thanks, @Phil. I've added the point about the list element. :+1:

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