Troubleshooting shared slices feature in newly created repository


I'm trying to migrate shared slices of a previously created project to a newly created repository in another account. When using the prismic --sm setup command, I cannot add functionality to the repository, but if I specify another repository name, the process ends with an error:" Repository creation failed. Status: 500 ", although the repository name is available and I have re-authorized CLI using 'prismic logout' and 'prismic login'.

When the slicemachine command is executed locally, slice builder UI shows error message "Unabe to fetch remote slices" and "Error type: NOT FOUND".

I reviewed solutions here: Troubleshooting Slice Machine & Slice Builder and I understand that the functionality may not be available in some repositories, but even after creating a new repository in Prismic Dashboard, the problem persists.

What would you suggest? :pray:

In the end, however, the only way was to perform a prismic sm --setup in a newly created directory. There may be a problem with some cached file.. the cause of the problem is currently unclear. If anyone finds themselves in a similar situation, I hope this solution helps.

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