Slice Machine problem

Hi ,
So i was working on my project with next. js and slice machine on a free account. My boss a starter account and want me to migrate the content from the free account to the starter one. So i changed the end point and connected to the new account and connected to slice machine. I know that slices can't be migrated so i want to create new slices,so i connected to slice machine with the new Email and pswd. The issue is that slice machine push successfully the created slices and says to me that the slices are successfully pushed to prismic. When i go to prismic i don't find them. What should i do.
Thanks in advance.

Hello @mohamedamin.hentati, welcome to the forum

If Slice Machine indicates that all the Slices have been uploaded correctly, we will have to check if there is an error within your application or repository.

Are you getting any particular errors in the console that you can share with us?

What is the URL of the repository you are using? you can send it to me by direct message if you prefer

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