Lost one Slice after upgrade

I just upgraded from next-slicezone to @prismicio/react 2.2.0. The migration automatically generated a libraries-state,json file, but one slice is missing in that file and doesn't show up in Slice Machine UI either. In production, the slice is found and works without issues.

It might be worth to mention that all other slices have the status of New in Slice Machine. But perhaps this is normal after the migration. I'm however concerned now that if I push any of them, that it will create a new slice id and I loose data linked to the old slices. (Happened to me once before)

Any hint what i need to do to get it back without deleting any data related to this slice in Prismic?


Update: After logging into Prismic, the status changed from New to either Synced or Modified. The missing slice did however not appear. I'm testing publishing less used slices first.

Update: I fixed the issue with the missing Slice. The model.json file was missing. I fetched it from the last commit and Slice machine recognized the slice.

The other tests were so far also successful.